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Churchkey Consulting is a project based brand consultancy, which means that we are problem solvers. Branding occurs whether you actively engage in it or not. It affects every business transaction. And it is both the cause of, and the solution to, virtually every business problem.

All companies have similar problems. They aren’t growing. Can’t earn a premium. Or, can’t secure distribution. But these are all symptoms. The root causes of these problems are the perceptions in people’s heads. Consumers’ perceptions of a product don’t fit their needs. Consumers don’t perceive there to be enough difference to justify a premium. Retailers don’t perceive there to be enough demand to justify distribution. If people felt differently about the product, the business problem wouldn’t exist.

Branding is the process of creating desirable perceptions—determining what perceptions, if created, will produce an advantageous result and then behaving in a manner that will create them. By determining what perceptions will help solve a problem, Churchkey Consulting helps companies change their behavior in order achieve their business objectives.

Our services:

+ Target Identification
+ Brand Positioning
+ Segmentation And Brand/Product Portfolio Management
+ Briefing Sessions To Facilitate Alignment And Implementation

For more information, please contact Lance Ness at (612) 605-7900 or email us at info.churchkeyconsulting.com. We look forward to hearing from you.